The Labelado team. We print quality custom adhesive labels

About us

We are three young and enterprising minds hailing from four generations of printers. Believing strongly in the work carried out by our family, we have united to create Labelado with the aim of extending the quality and excellence of our graphic prints through to modern digital channels. For us, being imaginative means devising new ways to be competitive and to enhance the activities of our predecessors. In this spirit, we created Print-shake, an innovative order aggregation system for adhesive labels that allows you to save on and share in the economic benefits whilst profiting from the true uniqueness of Labelado.

Why choose us

We believe that the soul of a product or company is communicated through the label. As they say, first impressions count! Entrusting Labelado with the production of your adhesive labels will ensure your product makes a great impact at first glance!


Four generations of printers - our experience is your guarantee of quality.


We’re satisfied when you’re satisfied. We go to great lengths so that you can have the label of your dreams.


We treat your product as if it were our own. Your label goes to print only once it is perfect.

Guidance from Labelado

A great range of precious pointers to render your label unique and tailored exactly to your needs.

The Team

For us, the human component is fundamental. Every member of our team is important, contributing each and every day to the success of the project thanks to their unique expertise.

Our team is comprised of Federica, Stefano and Carolina, the three young and imaginative minds behind Labelado who handle all aspects - big and small - of custom label printing.

Federica Artuffo, administrative area manager


I am known for my meticulousness and attention to detail, qualities used to handle tricky administrative tasks. Challenge me with any bothersome bureaucratic brain teaser...and I will solve it!

Stefano Artuffo, technical area manager


As the IT soul of the team, I am passionate about circuits and codes. Technical problems are my bread and butter. Entrusted to me are all the practical aspects in the creation of your labels, from receiving an order to the production of your stickers.

Carolina Artuffo, graphic area manager


I am the artist of the group with a passion for observing the world from ever-changing perspectives. I am responsible for handling your graphic design files, from the time you choose to use our company to print your labels through to final approval. I know graphic design files like the back of my hand.