Producing craft beer requires commitment and dedication but don't let all your hard work go to waste by not paying attention to how your brew is packaged. Ensure your beer stands out from the competition, giving it an extra boost. With Labelado, you can create your own labels that are eye-catching and original for craft beers sure to be the protagonist both at a dinner with friends and at the point of sale.

Beer labels: bring craftmanship out

Brewers and microbrewers build recognition with high-quality beer labels. Labels have the power to share the visual story of your brand and your uniqueness. Make your beer labels recognizable at the bar.

Dimensions: Oval 110 x 65 mm (4.3" x 2.6")
Substrate: Metallic Silver Paper
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish

Dimensions: Rectangle 120 x 90 mm (4.7" x 3.5")
Substrate: Glossy White Polypropylene
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish and High Build Gloss Varnish

Dimensions: Rectangle 80 x 80 mm (3.1" x 3.1")
Substrate: Metallic Silver Paper
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish

Why to choose Labelado for your beer labels?

Printing beer labels for a microbrewery means dealing with small batches and sometimes even limited editions. For example, have you ever wanted to give a special touch to your beer cans for a special event? Labelado will support you. There's no minimum order quantity. Printing your beer labels has never been so easy and fun, even for small production batches. You can choose between various options of shapes, sizes and finishings thus making an iconic label for your beer. Always remember that the first impression is what matters the most. We can help you create your personalized beer labels from the design to the production phase. You just need to ask. Whether you need labels for the neck of your beer bottle, labels on metallized paper or on glossy polypropylene, Labelado will support you printing your adhesive labels on reel. We will help you choose the right material to prevent moisture bad effect but without sacrificing your style.

And if you don't have a label yet, don't worry! Contact us and we will help you designing your beer label in a very short time. With Labelado you have the chance to order your beer labels directly online through our Estimator or, if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us directly for a personalized quote for your beer labels.

Spark conversations about your brewery through your personalized beer labels produced on Labelado. We always guarantee high quality printing at the right prices.

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Recommendations from Labelado for your beer labels

  • Create a wonderful contrasting effect with water-resistant metallic paper in silver tones. To do so, set the opaque white of the metallic parts to 0% and the non-metallic elements to 100%. Alternatively, play with the percentages of opaque white to give the label varying degrees of opacity.
  • Use protective opaque spot varnish to create a texture similar to a metal plate and to achieve greater aesthetic impact.
  • Choose glossy spot varnish or high-build gloss varnish to highlight specific features of the label.
  • Achieve a “no-label” look using transparent polypropylene. For this type of label, opt for opaque white for enhanced readability.



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"I had a great time ordering my labels on Labelado, very easy to complete the order and then send the graphic files. You can also have a Labelado box sent to your home in order to check the materials they use! Congratulations!"


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"I choose Labelado because I can print beautiful high-quality labels for my products easily and the shipping is very fast!

And also the staff members are extremely kind and professional!"



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Do you want to be sure about how your beer label will look like when it will be produced? Would you like to test your beer label and see how your graphic will look on the material you choose before placing the order? No problem! Thanks to a printing proof you can see your finished beer label. Just download the template, fill the empty space with your graphic (you can even test 3 or more variants of the same beer label in a single printing test. Can you imagine?) and tell us which substrate you choose for the printing test. Register on our website and send us your file to our email You can comfortably pay with Paypal or with your credit card and your printing proof will be shipped in about 3 working days.

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