Why Sell Beer Online?

Selling any product or service online today is necessary to reach new customers and generate new leads!
In this article we will reveal the reasons that will also push you to open the doors of your web brewery.

Online Beer Sales are Growing

Every country in the world has different percentages but in all online sales is continuing to grow (and will not stop for a while).
Today is the best time to go online with your products, if you have not yet done so.

Since beer is a product in itself that does not require special customizations by the user during the purchase (he can choose between various products
according to his tastes, but then he will simply have to indicate the quantity and pay), this motivates the simplicity of order even from mobile.
If the intention is to sell beer online, it must be taken into account that most new customers will be formed through mobile sales.

This is especially important if you are looking for a sales vehicle to use your site online;the site absolutely must
be mobile friendly for any mobile or tablet device.

Why customers choose to buy beer online


First we see a question of comfort;people on their lunch break can order beer from their cell phones and find it themselves
the next day at home without having to move to the nearest shop / brewery.This is a saving in both effort and time.


Sometimes if you order beers in sufficient quantities to amortize the cost of transport, otherwise otherwise obtainable prices can be obtained
for the final consumer;this spurs the consumer even to buy more product all at once.

Why the Brewery chooses to sell beer online

Automatic Lead Generation

Unlike the usual sales channels for beer that require direct interactivity (answering calls, writing emails, being physically
present and travel), having an online listing on some site or your products in an e-shop allows you to be able to receive 'orders even at night'.
What used to be a physical and time investment has now migrated to an investment to maintain e-shops and online propaganda.

This does not mean that costs will be reduced, advertising online is complex and will be explained in a subsequent article.


Thanks to the fact that you don't have to physically have the product available in a brewery or store, you can be online with your own beer labels
it allows to have a foot in different states that otherwise would not be reachable; although today there is a lot of competition it is worthwhile anyway
be present, test and explore new types of customers. We must mention the correct use of Google ads, the main advertising tool.

Thank you for reading this article, which helps you make the final decisions in your future as online beer sellers!

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