Beer labels: all the information you need to write on them

Besides the branding aim and brand recognition function, beer labels must contain valuable information for the customers that allows them to clearly and effectively recognize the beer and make them able to make an informed purchase. Today we’ll see together all the legal information and the wordings that your beer labels must contain!
They are divided into mandatory and non-mandatory information. Let's see them specifically.

Required Information

Your beer labels must necessarily contain a series of information required by current law *:
1. Brand or Company Name of the manufacturer
2. Location of the factory
3. Production lot
4. Bottling date
5. Alcohol content of your beer as a percentage.
Beer can be defined as non-alcoholic if the amount of alcohol is not greater than 1.2% and light if it is not greater than 3.5%.
6. Expiration date
7. Ingredients, in bold or clearly highlighted any allergens
8. Net volume of the product, expressed in Liters or centiliters
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Non-Mandatory Information

Within the non-mandatory information to be included on your beer label, there are various informative or purely aesthetic elements to consider.
1. Barcode: Bar Code: generally requested by retailers, supermarkets and online shops where your beer is sold, bearing a unique code to identify your product; it must be legible and the bars must contrast with the background. Black codes tend to be printed on white backgrounds. To find out more about the readability of barcodes, read our article " Why is my barcode not scanning properly? " . Always avoid red for bars as most common barcode scanners cannot read them. One of our pre-press operators can help you set the barcode correctly and do a test to verify its readability.
2. QR Code: QR codes can be used to insert interesting information in a small space such as links to pages of your website, advertisements, applications etc.
3. Responsible Consumption: a phrase in support of responsible drinking, reminding the consumer that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can harm himself and other people.
4. Dishes pairings: who said that only wine producers can report pairings with dishes? Customers will be extremely more interested in buying your beer if you communicate some nice pairing between it and a dish.
5. Beer hints and aromas: inserting descriptors of flavors and aromas will help the customer choose your beer, as well as allow him to look like an expert sommelier with his friends.
6. Stories and aphorisms: from this point on you can really give the green light to your imagination. Quotes, stories and tales about the tradition of your brewery and how you started this profession, for example, are interesting elements for customers. This information allows you to create long lasting relationships!
7. Signature of the Producer: a simple element like a calligraphic signature can strike the eye and allow the consumer to immediately establish a link with the producer. This is because psychologically, even if it is printed, our mind will think of a signature that has been made by hand by a person.
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We hope we have been clear enought in explaining all the mandatory and non-mandatory details to get the best beer label! If you have any other questions, the Labelado team will be happy to answer you! Contact us !

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