How to make great custom beer labels?

Believe it or not, aesthetic matters! The taste of your beer is fundamental, but the first thing that a customer or a visitor encounters is the label of your beer. Only having great quality, flavor, and brewing technique is not enough, having an exciting beer label can drive visitors to you. Especially, when you are into brewing craft beers. Of course, you need to find out the ways to stand out. The easiest way to create an impression that will resonate with your beer drinkers is – craft beer label.

If you are a craft beer brewer and want to design craft beer labels, then this post is for you. Here we are sharing with you the tips to create bespoke custom beer labels.

Shape and Dimensions

1. Choose the shape and size of your label

First things first, before you go ahead with the designing part, decide the shape and size of the label. You need to decide whether you are looking for a traditional label shape and size, or something custom, which will make your bottle stand out. You can either go for a separate label for the neck, front and back, or you can choose just one label wrapped around the bottle. Then comes the choice of paper – there are standard papers to choose from, or you can look for something with a transparent background. Deciding shape and size will help you design the label accordingly.


2. Choose the right theme

The theme of your label plays an important role. Select the one that fits your brand or beer perfectly. The right theme will convey the right aesthetic. And if you have any problem choosing the right theme, then our team of experts can help you communicate in a powerful visual language.


Caratteri leggibili

3. Choose some readable fonts

Believe it or not, the fonts you choose also matter! The right font can help you communicate the right message and build the brand personality. You may be enticed to use crazy display fonts, but all your efforts go into vain if it is not readable. Readability is very important, only when your customers are able to read your brand name and the rest of the words on your label, they would be able to make an informed purchasing decision and remember your name!


Label style

4. Define your label style

Style of your label will primarily depend on your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting a younger audience, then you can choose to go quirky with labels, while in case of a classier crowd, a minimalist label will do the needful. Unlike traditional beer brewers, craft beer brewers have advantage of going artistic. They can use their imaginations to come with captivating labels. You can use anything from hand-drawn masterpieces to abstract images to extreme minimalism.


Unique images

5. Personalize your label with some unique images

Once you are done with the style of your label, it’s time to decide on imagery. Of course, you can add any image you want onto your label. But using an imaginary that features your uniqueness will make it tailored to your brand. You need to figure out what is unique about you, like your ingredients, your technique etc. Whatever makes you unique, get it incorporated on to the label! And if you find any difficulty, then our team of experts is always there to help you design beer labels.


6. Incorporate beer keywords

There is a lot that you can do with words on the label. Using beer keywords will help you brand your beer the right way. Also, it is the easiest way to reach out to your target customers. All you have to do is list out the best keywords that describe your beer, and prioritize them. Accordingly those keywords can be used on the label.

Beer labelling laws

7. Don’t miss beer labelling laws

Each country has different laws for beer labelling, do not miss to consider them while designing craft beer labels. The areas that you cannot afford to miss to incorporate onto the label for legal reasons are:

  • Net Contents (the amount of beer in the bottle);
  • Alcohol Content (legal requirements vary state by state);
  • Legibility (All important information must be incorporated, in an uncomplicated font);
  • Type Size (it includes the size of the typeface along with the characters per inch/mm);
  • Beer Class and Type (Like, “Porter”, “Malt Beverage,” “Specialty Beer,” etc. it also helps in branding);
  • Name and Address.

8. Find the right label partner

Once you are done with above mentioned pointers, it’s time to find the right label partner. Having the right label partner can help you have a visually appealing beer label tailored to your brand. Make sure you hire the right partner.

To Conclude...

Remember, convincing your audience to try your brand is not that easy, you really need a powerful beer label. And we can help you with a bespoke beer label that will make your brand stand out!!

As you can see there are lots of decisions to make. Us from Labelado, we can help you from the designing phase to the final production of your beer label. Write us throught this form and a member of Labelado staff will support you.

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