Tips to effectively use colors on a label

Whether you want to promote your products, or want to bring your business name to the people’s attention, attractive colorful labels can actually help you achieve your goals. Gone are the days when you could use only Black and White colors in your label designs. Today, there are myriads of colors that you can use to make your labels more exciting and breathtaking.

Believe it or not, using appropriate colors in your label design can help you tremendously. Colorful labels simply make an ordinary looking product look amazing! No matter how authentic and big your business name is, without the right label your product will appear as normal as any other local brand. If you really want your products to stand out in the market, use the right colors on your label designs. Different colors radiate different emotions for consumers. While creating a custom label, make sure you choose colors that correspond well with what your brand portrays.
Here in this post we are sharing with you wonderful tips to effectively use colors on your labels. Do read until the end...
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White...Less is more!

Let’s begin with the neutral color WHITE. The color white simply represents simplicity and lucidity. White is a color that is more relaxed, neat, and complement. It simply makes people feel secure. White makes for a wonderful color choice for the products that are to be presented soberly, or for the ones that need not much introduction like medicinal, health & beauty, and household products.
Industries using WHITE for label design include Beverages & Alcohol, Health & Beauty, Medicine, etc.



Black...if class is what you look for!

Again a neutral color. BLACK is the color of stability and wisdom, it simply represents sophistication and class. Usually, black is used to accent bequeath important information related to products. However, there are many brands already using black as the main color for their label design, like Guinness, Olive Poem, etc. Black gives a minimalist appearance to the product. Industries using BLACK for label design include Apparel, Beverage & Alcohol, Hotels private labels, Luxury Good, Perfumery, etc.




Blue...for the happiness of soul!

BLUE exudes creativity and happiness. Shades of blue makes for a wonderful color choice for designing product labels. Blue is the color that promotes trust, reliability, authority, and stability. Many renowned brands use blue as the main color for branding their products.
Industries using BLUE for label design include beverages, water, dairy products, etc.

Green create a sense of calmness!

GREEN symbolizes nature and the environment, thereby creating a sense of calmness, happiness and relaxation. It is considered as the color of nature, and has the potential to reduce the blood pressure. Green can be a perfect color choice for the products exuding vitality and long-life. More often than not, shades of green are used to promote all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. Brands already using green as a main color for their product labels include, Nestle Milo, USDA Organic, etc. Industries using GREEN for label design include All-Natural, Food Industry, Health & Wellness Products, Organic & Eco-Friendly Products, etc.






Orange...the color of adventure!

ORANGE promotes qualities like vitality, self-confidence and adventure. Besides, it also represents the quality of hunger, hunger to achieve more and do more. It is one of the best color choices if the objective is to gain the public's attention in a more friendly and welcoming manner. Orange creates curiosity and interest. More often than not, this color is used to promote food, health and vitality products. Industries using ORANGE for label design include Food & Beverages, Health & Vitality Products, Pharmaceuticals, Sporting Goods, Vitamins, Cleaning Products, etc.




Yellow...the color of warmth!

Like orange, YELLOW is also commonly used for Food & Beverages, Health & Vitality Products. It is the color that promotes happiness, cheerfulness, and optimism. It is said to stimulate mental activity and release serotonin (a happy hormone) in the brain, which contributes to the feeling of well-being and happiness. Usually, it is used as a sign of caution, on warning labels and products with powerful chemicals.
Industries using YELLOW for label design include Food & Beverage Industry, Cleaning Products, Health & Vitality Products.




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