Gold hot foil for unforgettable labels

As we have seen, hot foil (link: make it possible to obtain a multitude of different results, depending on the type of foil used. Among them, gold hot foil is one of the most used thanks to its ability to immediately make any design precious.
Gold hot foil – one of the most appreciated and used ennoblements – is a really ancient ennoblement. Back in time, actual gold was used to make hot foil. Nowadays, with the advent of new technologies new materials have been created to allow a wider application of this finishing. These gold foils are later applied over the surface thanks to the combined action of heat and pressure.

The extra touch for your custom labels

If you are creating your custom labels, hot gold foil may be the exra touch turning an ordinary graphic design into a really premium one: all design, even the simplest, can be enhanced by the golden finishing. The gold foil can be indeed used to make even more elegant and refined a classic design label, characterized by calligraphic lettering and delicate tones, like those of precious wine or vintage perfumes.
At the same time, contrary to what one may think, gold hot foil perfectly suits innovative product with modern design label: a linear and minimal graphic keeps it captivating character and, whit the addition of this ennoblements, also evokes a sensation of refinement and uniqueness.

Gold hot foil: when to use it

We have seen that there are no stylistic contraindications: hot gold foil perfectly matches with every style and every product. But what about technical issues?
In this case as well there are just a few aspects to consider: hot foil can be applied to any surface, from plastic to glass and paper and even irregularly shaped objects. It is how ever suggestable to avoid too small details and to remember that it is not possible to create shades. Another disadvantage is represented by cost: per every design it is necessary to create an ad hoc machinery with a high cost. It is indeed better to amortise this cos with consistent orders or to eventually consider an alternative if one wants to order small quantities at a low price.
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