How to create a strong brand for your Beer

The importance of telling a story

Having worked a lot with wine producers, a great lesson learned from them, which can very well be moved to other fields, is the fact of having to exalt their own history.

What sells a product, what gives a product a much higher value is not always the quality, but rather the emotional value it emanates.

You will say that this is only for those who have more than 50 years of history behind them, but we are not just talking about generational steps.The graphic of a beer label and the manufacturer's logo can attract people who are reflected in his spirit.

For example, your beer is a beer with a strong character, accompanied by graphics with strong and provocative images, it will attract a certain audience compared to a beer whose product and packaging instead reflect elegance and purity.

The importance of color

Always talking about labels and logos, we must be very careful to choose suitable colors;we are talking about
neuromarketing of colors.

The colors activate different responses in our brain, we don't speak only of distinctions between bright and dull colors to indicate character, but also of certain shades and their effect on the psyche.

Think of the blue and the blue, colors that infuse security and tranquility (not surprisingly the banks' favorite colors ...)

Think of the red color of blood, passion and anger, evidently it will be chosen for products with stronger characters.

Define your audience

We have previously talked about paying attention to how we look for certain market segments,
but one step ahead is surely to understand first what our customers will be.

Here it is required to do a lot of market research and above all experience;nothing better than getting into fairs and expo.In this article you will find more information about doing research and advertising for your product both online and offline.

It is the beer that we are producing more drinkable, or to drink in solitary 'meditative'.
Is it the beer we are producing that is more youthful, or aimed above all at an older audience?

Knowing the difference and the tastes of the various customers is essential to avoid launching products that will flop on the market.

Furthermore, trying to create a 'Global' product that can satisfy everyone is certainly a mistake to avoid.

Thank you for reading this article to the end, we hope that your beer labels reach the shelves and tables of all the customers for whom they were designed!

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