Promoting Beer Online and Offline

Nowadays beer, despite its ancient invention, remains one of the drinksmost known in the world.

Although the product itself is known in itself, it remains difficult to stand outamong all competitors if you are a small-medium sized beer producer;

however, there are several tools that make it easier to propose one's ownimage to the consumer.In this article we will discuss about these tools.

1 - Blogging

You will certainly have heard of how important it is to have and keep constantlyupdated a blog;this is no exception to beer.

People search online for questions, and there's nothing better than writing a blogwho answers these questions.We therefore need to know what our customers are looking for,they are restaurateurs, shops or end consumers.

This is called Content Marketing, with a minimum expense on Wordpress (if you don't already have a siteinternet with a Blog) you can get excellent results.The biggest investment iscertainly in time, but if you are dealing with beer-related topics that interest you, they areconvinced that you will be able to write for hours.

The Google algorithm itself adores blogs, and internet sites where the Google crawler tracks downdaily Blogging activities are immediately flagged as News sites, and will receive a greater chance of ending up on the front page of the search engine.

2 - Social Networks

Always mentioned for an obvious reason: everyone has at least 1 or more Social Networks.

Here you have to search again your type of audience and decide accordinglywhich Social Network is more functional.

  • Instagram: If you are a young company, with great graphic appeal
  • Linkedin: Company that wants to establish relationships with other companies (B2B) and perfect to post Blog articles!
  • Facebook: The Facebook audience is older than Instagram, but its strongest tool is certainly paid advertising
  • Twitter: Twitter allows is also recommended for reposting your blogs and communicating the brand in a more spartan and synthetic way

3 - Google Ads

If your Internet site is the business card for your online company (and you may have even set up an e-shop to sell your beer), Google is definitely your best agent.

This topic remains very technical and we will explain it later in another article, but keep in mind that it is not a tool that must necessarily be within the reach of expert Marketers.

On Google Ads you can establish costs for Keyword or Keyword Search phrases by online users; useful trial and error tool for those who want to understand what people are looking for online and above all what 'converts' (that is, once you click on who actually completes an order or contacts the company).

Google Ads does not represent a fixed cost but rather a variable cost, you will only pay when a user, after typing the expected keyword, will also click on the link of our site (or of the defined page). In addition, budgets, geographical locations and time slots can be established that you can better control the cost of your advertising.

4 - Influencer Marketing

Influencers are one of the most effective tools to relate to your audience.

When a company is not aimed at advertising, customers tend to trust their opinion more, as if it were the opinion of an acquaintance rather than a truth imposed by an advertisement.

The cost of an Influencer is obviously very variable based on its visibility and based on the platform in which it plans to show our products, asking different estimates to different influencers is the right thing.

There are precisely for this purpose online sites that allow you to easily search for Influencers based on categories such as: Famebit, Collectively, Grapevine Logic, Revfluence etc ...

5 - Expos / Fairs

This is one of the most expensive methods of promoting your beer.When you are going to have a stand at a beer expocustomers, but instead, people are coming to discover You.

You need to be able to talk to your customers, to make business cards and to create stronger bounds that are stronger than with other methods.

Let us not forget that this is the most direct method of tasting beer and seeing the customer's reaction or criticism live.

However, prepare yourself to consider the cost of transport in addition to the cost of the stands as the fairs will force you to travel from city to city

6 - Agents

Last on the list, valid only for those who have much more money to invest, to have an agent.
The agents will allow you to beat different territories while you concentrate on producing excellent quality beer.

Choosing an agent that is consistent and functional at work is complicated.Pay attention to multi-mandates as many times they fail to dedicate the necessary time to let your customers understand your brand.

Remember that in addition to a commission some agents will ask for a salary.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it was helpful for you to have ideas on how to promote your business in the beer world!

If you have any other questions regarding any of these topics, write to the form below and one of our staff members will reply you for free.

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