Perfect labels with transparent protective varnish

Among the several finishing available, the transparent protective varnish is certainly one of the simplest but should not be underestimated for this! Let’s discover together its features and the cases in which it’s recommended.
Finishing or ennoblements are all the process that visually improve the appearance of a label: some of them, such as serigraphy or hot foil (link: immediately give a refined and elegant appearance to the label. Some other are definitely more basic but have the value of protecting and preserving the label: transparent protective varnish is one of them.

Sticker labels: plastic coating or varnish?

Transparent varnish is used to protect sticker labels from scratches and rubbing and is therefore particularly suitable when products may be handled by lot of people as it happens, for instance, to products in supermarket shelves. It is almost unnoticeable and does not alter the colours of the underlying label. This ennoblement does not have any contraindication even if, in case of over print, it is suggestable not to apply in the over printable part.
Moreover, varnish is not suggestable for products that come into direct contact with water or have to be refrigerated. The simple protective varnish, indeed, does not make labels water-resistant. In this situation, it is therefore better to opt for plastic coating, another functional finishing that, thanks to the application of a plastic film, protect sticker labels and make them water-resistant.
If you can’t decide which one to choose, we suggest to pay particular attention to the product intended use: if the label will not come into contact with water and you are looking for a simple product at an affordable price, transparent protective varnish is undoubtedly the option that fits you better!

Glossy or matte varnish?

There are two different types of transparent varnish: glossy and matte. As a general rule, it is suggested to choose a varnish that has the same finishing of the chosen paper: matte with matte or natural paper and glossy with glossy papers.
All the labels printed by Labelado have a transparent protective varnish and, if customer does not choose any varnish, we will apply one according to those criteria.
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