What is a doypack?

Doypackbags are packages that fall into the flexible packaging category and are able to perfectly maintain and preserve the products placed inside. For this reason, this type of "product-saving" packaging was created mainly for the food sector, as it is able to preserve the crunchiness and fragrance of food products. Today, however, the use of the doypack has been extended to many product categories, from cosmetics to the technological sector due to its extreme versatility.
Doypacksare bags available in different materials that have the main feature of having a flat bottom that allows the package to remain standing on the shelf. For this reason doypack is ideal for both solid granular and liquid or viscous products.
Another important feature is that this type of bags have the ability to be provided with a zip, making this packaging perfect for repetitive use over time and allowing easy closure. Let's see specifically some peculiarities of doypacks and their potential.

What can I pack in doypack bags?

Various types of food can be packaged in these bags, such as biscuits, legumes, coffee, nuts but also electronic components, cosmetic products etc. This makes the doypack an extremely versatile product.

What are the advantages of using doypack bags?

- Product safety
- Excellent alternative to plastic packaging
- Low volumes for transport
- Lower recycling cost compared to other plastic packaging

What are the types of doypacks?

There are various types of doypacks depending on their technical characteristics. Let's see them in detail.

Standard doypack

It is the simplest type of doypack which, once filled, is sealed and can only be opened by cutting the package. This type of doypack cannot be re-closed once opened.
Standard Doypack

Doypack with Window

This type of doypack allows you to keep a transparent part called "window" on the package in order to show the product inside.
Doypack with window

Doypack with Zip

As already mentioned above, the doypack can be equipped with a zip that allows the bag to be closed once opened. Thanks to the opening and closing mechanism, this model allows the consumer to open the package, use the product and close it until it is used again, without losing its properties.
Doypack with zip

Doypack with Euro hole

The doypack can also be equipped with a practical Euro hole that allows the package to be displayed on special shelves.
Doypack with Euro hole
These technical features can be inserted within the same doypack, creating very different and customized solutions.

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