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For us, the label is the communicative essence of a product or company. After all, the first impression is always the one that matters. Choose adhesive sheet labels for short runs, while if you are a company already started and growing, roll labels are the right product for you, whether you need to label them manually or automatically.

Roll labels

Etichette a bobinaRoll labels ideal for your products. In 7 days.

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Sheet labels

Etichette a foglioSheet labels ideal for short runs. In 3 days.


Have you launched your new product line on your e-commerce site or other marketplaces and want to take advantage of the delivery phase to communicate your brand once again? Do you want to present your product at its best? A personalized box is the one for you. Here you can find both customizable and reusable e-commerce shipping boxes, and product boxes that are ideal for retail.

E-commerce Boxes

Scatola e-commerceE-commerce shipping boxes to protect your products during transport. In 15 days.

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Product Boxes

Scatole prodottiProduct boxes ideal for retail. In 10 days.

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A bottle of wine, liqueur or oil is not complete without its closure. Labelado helps you dress your product from head to toe. The polylaminate closures are perfect to complete the look of your product. You can choose between the closure for still wines, liqueurs and oil or the closure for sparkling wines.

Standard Closure

Capsule PolytechStandard polylaminate closures for your wines, spirits and oil.

Sparkling wine Closures

Capsule AluxaPolylaminate closures for sparkling wines.


Are you a company that produces coffee, biscuits or dried fruit and you need packaging that represents your company and at the same time maintains the properties of your product unaltered? Doypack bags and flat bags are the ideal solution for you.

Flat Bags

SacchettiFlat bags for the promotion of a variety of products. In 11 days.

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Doypack Bags

Sacchetti DoypackDoypack bags to ensure your product has excellent shelf visibility. In 11 days.

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Are you a company that produces pasta, biscuits or sweets and do you need a clevis to close the bags? Our cardboard bag toppers are ideal for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you need to hang a tag with hole on your product, we can also provide you with this! The tags with hole are ideal for bottles of wine, spirits, oil and for the clothing sector.

Bag Toppers

CavallottiBag toppers for products such as pasta, candies and biscuits. In 5 days.

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Tags with hole

CartelliniTags with hole for clothing, wines, spirits and oil. In 5 days.

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Choose the right display for you, it will be made to measure to better promote your product. Your articles can be presented in an impeccable and original way to your customer, without neglecting functionality. Whether you produce wine, oil, chocolate or objects, the POS Display is for you. It is the ideal tool to capture attention on your product and brand.

POS Display

TotemThe POS Display is perfect for decorating your shop, a bar or for exhibiting your products during a fair.

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Use this printing proof to test the color rendering of your labels and packaging before printing, so you can evaluate the colors before proceeding with the final order.

Labels printing proof

Prova di stampa etichettePerfect printing proof to test the color rendering of your label. In 3 days.

Boxes printing proof

Test print boxesPerfect printing proof to test the color rendering and the finishings of your box. In 5 days.

Bags printing proof

Prova di stampa SacchettiPerfect printing proof to test the color rendering of your flat bags and doypack. In few days.


Not sure if you've made the right choices for your product packaging? Do you need some advice from a graphic or technical point of view? Request consultancy from our team of experts. Our team will be happy to help you to test the color rendering of your label. In 3 days.

Graphic consultancy

Consulenza GraficaGraphic consultancy to dissolve your doubts.


Do you want to touch the papers and processes for labels and packaging available on Labelado? Our samples are perfect for you. Labels, boxes and envelopes in a variety of shapes, sizes and processes on different types of media.

Labels sample pack

CampionarioThe Labelado Box. Samples of papers and processes for labels available on Labelado.

Boxes samples

Campionario ScatoleCOMING SOON...


To better promote your product, you need photographic material that is up to par. A photograph that manages to capture the essence of your product or brand has a greater communication capacity than many words. Whether you are looking for photos to publish on your e-commerce site or photos of an advertising nature to publish on social networks, Labelado is your ideal partner.

Photo on white

Fotografia HeroStill Life Photography of your product cut out to be used on any device. You can choose between photos for Ecommerce or Hero.

Photo on black

Fotografia SwirlPhotograph of your product on a black background. Choice between Simple Photo with Motion or Advanced Photo.

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Close up Photo

Fotografia CloseUpPhotograph of your product Close Up or detail mode to show it up close.





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