Label maker online: how to upload the graphic files

The easiest label maker online ever. The last step to obtaining your custom labels is uploading the label design files. Once you have uploaded your file, we take care of the rest! Our free prepress service includes one of our operators verifying that everything is perfect, checking all the technical aspects regarding file format, image resolution and colours. You still have the final say, as you need to approve the file before going to print.

How to prepare the graphics for the label maker online

Ensure your label design file is perfect thanks to our little tips. And don't worry, if you overlook anything, our team of experts will take care of it.


As you create your own labels, you must ensure you set the right colour method for printing, being the CMYK mode that allows you to manage a four-colour process and the Pantone colours without needing to insert the colour profiles. To ensure the reproducibility of certain Pantone colours, we convert (free of charge) your design into six colours. If this proves unnecessary, we stick to the CMYK colour process.

Resolution and images

The images must be in TIFF, PSD (Photoshop) or JPG format in any colourmodel – although CMYK is recommended. The RGB method is not compatible with the web and does not guarantee a great quality print. We can, however, convert them for you. In setting up the file, ensure that the minimum resolution of the images to be printed is 300 dpi. If working with TIFF images, black lines should be 1200 dpi.


It is best to submit your design file in PDF format.


Convert all text to paths to avoid conversion problems. We recommend a minimum font size of 4 points to ensure your custom label is easy to read.

The interface for loading your label design

How to upload the design

Labelado’s online label maker is incredibly easy and uploading the designs to be printed is even easier. We offer a user-friendly interface that even the most unexperienced users can navigate. All you have to do is connect to the User Area in the My Orders section, select your order and navigate through to the Designs Management page, where you can create all the references you need and upload your file by clicking on Upload Designs.

Upload the design draft

To upload the design for your custom label, you must first create the references. You can do so from the User Area in the My Orders section by clicking on the Designs Management button. On this page, you will be prompted to enter the following information for each reference (if you have more than one):

  • Description: The name you want to assign to your design so you can distinguish between your files (for example, Design 1 or 2018 Chianti Label);
  • Code: You can decide to assign a code to your label for identification purposes - this is not a mandatory field;
  • Quantity: The quantity of labels you want to print. If you have more than one reference, specific to the quantity needed for each, our systems will verify that they correspond with the total number of labels ordered.

    Important: Description and Quantity are required fields.

    Fill out all the fields and click the Send button to create the reference. The status of your order is updated as Load Design. At this point, you're almost done - just click on Upload Designs and send us your file. Once you have uploaded the file, the status of your order will be updated once more to Designs Uploaded. Now all you have to do is wait for our team to works its magic on your label.

Preprint approval

Your order with the label maker online is almost ready! Once you have uploaded your file, we immediately get to work by checking that everything is in order, creating the first prepress check that you can see at any time. Remember: we need your verification and approval of the files before we can print your custom labels. No need to worry about it, we will send a notification email to inform you when the file is ready to be verified. At this point you can connect to the site, go to the User Area and click on Check Preprint. In this area you will receive a preview of the draft. If everything is to your liking, click on Approve Design in the top left. Otherwise, you can make observations regarding any modifications before clicking on Submit Comments. According to your choice, the status of your order will change to Preprint Approved and Comment Submitted respectively. If you would like, you can add comments - to give us some tips on how your label should be created - when you upload the graphic file for the first time. We will then have your directions before we get to work to make your prepress. We will take care of you and your label to ensure you have the design you're after.

Label maker online: let’s do it together!

When using our Label maker online, we will be by your side in every moment to be sure you’re satisfied before printing. If we have not received confirmation of the test print within 24 hours from the Print-shake end date, we will send you an email to remind you to give your okay. Please note, however, that upon the Print-shake end date, all proofs will be sent into production and if, for some reason, you are not able to provide approval, you will still receive your labels!

The interface for loading your label design