Coated paper for custom sticker labels

Coated Paper is smooth and treated with a matte or glossy finish with a high white point (clean white), able to ensure all colours beam. Labelado's range of papers also includes oil-resistant coated paper. Search with us to find the perfect materials for your label!

Detail of  water resistant glossy paper

Water resistant glossy paper

This high gloss pure cellulose paper with off-machine chrome application is free from mechanical pulp. This cardstock is subject to a water-resistant treatment that prevents creases forming and reduces the absorption of water on the surface. This glossy paper is suitable to all types of application, its specific characteristics make the colours on your label stand out, being shinier and more brilliant. This paper stock is also resistant to immersion in water and ice.

Detail of water resistant matte paper

Water resistant matte paper

This wood-free paper is matte, coated off-machine. Resistant to wetting and alkalis, this coated paper has been subject to water-resistant treatment. Its special properties render this cardstock ideal for all applications, specifically for multicolour overprint labels with thermal treatment. Water-resistant matte paper is also resistant to immersion in water and ice.

Detail of coated oil resistant paper

Coated oil resistant paper

This white wood-free paper is opaque, coated and treated to be resistant to oils and fats. This cardstock was created especially for the labelling products needing resistance to these ingredients and especially for olive oil. This is the best paper for enhancing the visual impact of your label, rendering the colours even brighter whilst maintaining a semi-gloss finish.

Please note: The labels must not be applied directly to a product since the adhesive used is not suitable for contact with food.