Polypropylene sticker printing for custom labels

Film can have glossy, matte or transparent finishes. Polypropylene sticker printing is particularly suitable for applying transparent labels to beauty products. And, by carefully combining compatible plastic products, such as containers in polyethylene or polypropylene, all can be completely recycled. Please refer to the dedicated page to find out which film perfectly combines with your label.

Glossy white popypropylene film

Glossy polypropylene

This polypropylene film is white, glossy, bioriented and features a top-coated finishing. It is suitable for applications that need to be long-lasting and resistant to moisture, such as for cosmetics and beverages. From an aesthetic perspective, this material renders colours brighter and super glossy for a highly effective visual impact.

Matte white polypropylene film

Matte polypropylene

This polypropylene film is white and matte, featuring a top-coated treatment. Just like the glossy version, it is perfect for long-lasting transparent labels that are resistant to moisture, such as for cosmetics and beverages, in addition to more generic uses. This material renders colours more intense, preserving a greatly refined matte finish.

Transparent polypropylene film for transparent labels

Transparent polypropylene

This polypropylene film is transparent, glossy, bioriented with top-coated treatment. Like the glossy and matte cardstock, the transparent version is recommended for long-lasting labels needing resistance to moisture, such as for beauty products and beverages, whilst also being excellent transparent labels for bottles or containers that show the content thanks to a “no-label” look.

Please note: The labels must not be applied directly to a product since the adhesive used is not suitable for contact with food.