Payment methods

Prices of Products and Services are set forth and expressed in "Euro" currency, indicated net of taxes and inclusive of shipping costs. Insurance or other costs are not included, unless specified.

Labelado reserves the right to change the prices of the Products and Services at any time and without notice.

The payment of the final amount will be carried out integrally and simultaneously with the Order itself. The realization and shipment of the Products will be carried out only in case of successful payment, and following the upload of the file and its approval after the verification procedure, as indicated in the section Sales Conditions in point 1.6.

Labelado reserves the right to offer discounts on the price of the Services and Products offered on the Website. Membership discounts apply to the price, net of tax, including shipping costs, and are available and recognized in two distinct modes: (i) through voucher; or (ii) through “Fidelity Coins”, as specified below:

(i)    Each voucher corresponds to a value of discount of a predetermined amount and can be used for a single purchase; on the occasion of any promotional or business campaigns throughout the year, Labelado communicates the value of the voucher, which the customer can benefit, to the email address of the customer himself; together with the voucher with the indication of the value in Euro, from time to time established by Labelado, an identification code will be provided, which, if inserted in the appropriate section "Summary", will permit the application of the discount on the final amount of the Products and Services purchased by the Customer;

(ii)    Discounts earned through the "Fidelity Coins" as a result of a purchase or other modes, as specified and detailed in the section "Customer Support" -, are cumulative and can only be used on future orders placed on the Website, as specified below. In brief, the main operating characteristics of the "Fidelity Coins" are the following:

  • The more orders placed by the Customer on Labelado, the more "Fidelity Coins" to be distributed on the subsequent orders to obtain further discounts;
  • The "Fidelity Coins" may be used in an amount as defined by the Customer: The more "Fidelity Coins" used for an Order, the greater the discount applied will be;
  • The "Fidelity Coins" are cumulative thanks to a series of actions, such as for example making new Orders on Labelado and therefore making new purchases on the Website, sharing price quotations (own and others’) in an anonymous form on social networks, etc.;
  • The discount obtainable through the "Fidelity Coins" service can, in any case, reach a maximum value of 50% on the amount of the order for which it is being used.

The Customer can purchase the Products and Services offered on the Website and make payments (i) via PayPal, following the instructions for the purchase procedure, or (ii) via Bank Transfer in favor of:

Labelado S.r.l.


IBAN: IT11R 03069 22504 1000 000 68253

As specified below:

(iii)    In the first case, the information necessary for the payment will be forwarded, via encrypted protocols, to the payment platform which are entrusted by Labelado remote electronic payment services, without the possibility of illegal access by third parties. The credit card details are, in fact, managed directly by PayPal, a company specialized in the management of online payments and are sent directly to the bank. Labelado does not display neither access to the Customer bank information. Please take a look to the Paypal Website for more information on the platform operating characteristics. Payments must be made in advance and only after the payment and uploading the "correct" file on the part of the user, the selected items will be put into production.

(iv)    In the second case, for payments via Bank Transfer, it should be noted that production will start only after the actual crediting of the final amount and, consequently, the delivery may be postponed for 2-3 days, given the time required for printing and subsequent shipping. In performing the Bank Transfer in order to identify the transaction, it is necessary for the Customer to enter the order number and the user name in the payment purpose.

The pro forma invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the Customer at the end of the purchase procedure. Once received the invoice, it will be, therefore, a Customer care to print the document and store it in accordance with the rules in force. The final invoice, also in an electronic mode, will also be sent via PEC to the Customers with VAT.