Payment methods

Prices of Products and Services are set forth and expressed in "Euro" currency, indicated net of taxes and inclusive of shipping costs. Insurance or other costs are not included, unless specified.

Labelado reserves the right to change the prices of the Products and Services at any time and without notice.

The payment of the final amount will be carried out integrally and simultaneously with the Order itself. The realization and shipment of the Products will be carried out only in case of successful payment, and following the upload of the file and its approval after the verification procedure, as indicated in the section Sales Conditions in point 1.6.

Labelado reserves the right to offer discounts on the price of the Products and Services offered on the Website. The discounts apply to the price excluding taxes, but including shipping costs. In particular, the discounts accumulated through the "Fidelity Coins" service following a purchase or other methods, as specified and detailed in the "Fidelity Coins" section, can only be used on future Orders placed on the Website, as specified below.

The main operating characteristics of the "Fidelity Coins" service, in particular, are the following:

  • The more orders placed by the Customer on Labelado, the more "Fidelity Coins" to be distributed on the subsequent orders to obtain further discounts;
  • The "Fidelity Coins" may be used in an amount as defined by the Customer: The more "Fidelity Coins" used for an Order, the greater the discount applied will be;
  • The "Fidelity Coins" are cumulative thanks to a series of actions, such as for example making new Orders on Labelado and therefore making new purchases on the Website, sharing price quotations (own and others’) in an anonymous form on social networks, etc.;
  • The discount obtainable through the "Fidelity Coins" service can, in any case, reach a maximum value of 50% on the amount of the order for which it is being used.

The Customer may purchase the Products and Services offered by the Website and make payments exclusively via PayPal, following the instructions indicated for the purchase procedure. The information needed for payment will be forwarded, via encrypted protocols, to the payment platform to which Labelado is entrusted with the remote electronic payment services, without the possibility of unauthorized access by third parties. The credit card data are, in fact, managed directly by PayPal, a company specialized in online payments management and are sent directly to the bank. Labelado does not display or access the Customer's bank details. Please refer to Paypalwebsite the for more information on how the platform works.

The pro forma invoice will be loaded, and therefore will always be available to the Customer, in the "User Area/My Orders/Request Invoice", and will be in a downloadable and printable format: it will be the Customer's responsibility to access this area, print the document and keep it according to the regulations in force. The final electronic invoice will be sent via “PEC” - a certified e-mail service - to the companies.