Fidelity Coins

With Labelado, the opportunity to save doesn’t end with Print-shake. We truly value your business; hence we want to reward your trust in us with Fidelity Coins. Find out how to use them to your advantage when printing your custom-made labels.

What are Fidelity Coins?

Our Fidelity Coins are a virtual currency created to reward Labelado's most loyal users. Earn and collect points for great advantages. Once you have collected your Fidelity Coins, you can decide how and when to use them. Once you have accumulated this currency, you can receive even greater discounts on your next custom-made labels order or you can redeem them immediately for instant benefits.

Don't forget, you have to be registered with our site and have a personal account to collect your Fidelity Coins. If you haven't yet signed up, you can do so by clicking on Register in the top menu!

Fidelity Coins regulations

The more you purchase on Labelado, the more Fidelity Coins you earn to be used on your label orders. Not only that, you can also earn Coins within the platform itself. How does it work? Here’s what you can do to earn Coins:

  • For every 50 euro you spend, you earn 10 Fidelity Coins;
  • Follow one of our social media profiles and earn 5 Fidelity Coins;
  • Share a Quote that is active on the homepage or from the gallery on your social media platform. You earn 2 Fidelity Coins for each social media network on which you share the Quote, with a limit of one share per day;
  • Share a new Quote or your own Quote from Estimate Generator on your social media profile. You earn 2 Fidelity Coins for each social media network on which you share the Quote, with a limit of one share per day;
  • Place another Order via the Purchase button in the My Orders section and earn 70 Fidelity Coins;
  • Invite a friend to register with Labelado to earn 5 Fidelity Coins for yourself and 4 Coins for your friend to spend on your first order or to collect for future purchases. You have one invitation available per day.

Log in to manage your Fidelity Coins. As part of the Order Summary, you can see the number of Coins at your disposal and decide if and how many to spend. You are free to decide how to use your Fidelity Coins - save them for your next purchase and enjoy a greater discount, use just some or spend all immediately. Spend your Coins as you please across your various orders and see just how great the advantage can be.

*Disclaimer: Fidelity Coins can be used to gain discounts not exceeding 50% of the net price.
**Disclaimer: Sharing quotes to earn Fidelity Coins is done from the homepage, from the Gallery or from the Estimate Generator. You cannot share from My Preferences.