Custom sticker labels at discounted prices. The saving might be crazy but don’t lose your mind over the technical details - we’re on hand to explain how to order and pay for your labels that will be conveniently sent directly to you.

How to order on Labelado

With Labelado, you can choose how to purchase your custom sticker labels: decide whether to order directly or take advantage of Print-shake to save on printing costs. For direct ordering, click on Create New Quote in the homepage menu or on the New Quote button in the gallery, then follow the steps to configure your stickers to the final step - Order Summary - where you can proceed to payment by clicking Submit under the heading, Purchase Individually. If you decide to purchase with Print-shake, you can do so in two different ways:

Create a new quote. Create your order and start a new purchase queue that other users can join to reduce the price and increase the savings. Share your quote, spread the word and you can all benefit together. New quotes can be created from the homepage menu by clicking on Create New Quote or on the New Quote button in the gallery.

Join a queue. Browse through and filter the active quotes created by others and, if you find one that suits your needs, join the queue to lower the price for all. At any moment, you can modify the details of your order according to your needs and see the price change in real time. Share your quote, spread the word, save money and share in the advantages with other users. Join a queue by previewing the Active Quotes on the homepage or from the dedicated Active Quotes area accessible from the top menu. Our innovative online printing system guides you step-by-step through the workings of professional typographic printing. To help you, we've created a special section on our site - How It Works - specifically designed to introduce you to Print-shake and show you its true benefits, with great advantages guaranteed!


With Labelado, you can pay for your custom sticker labels through PayPal. Based on the ordering method you choose - Print-shake or direct purchase - we will guide you through the payment phase.

What happens when you order directly?The full amount of your order, including shipping costs and pre-press services and net of any discounts applied when converting Fidelity Coins, will be charged in full via PayPal.

What happens if I order with Print-shake? Based on the total amount of your order, a pre-authorisation charge is processed via PayPal, which will be valid until the end of the Print-shake process and for a maximum of fifteen days. At this point, if other users have joined your queue and lowered your initial price, you will have earned a credit in respect of the pre-authorised amount, which will not be charged and you will save on your initial order.