How it works

Labelado’s online printing service allows you to create your own labels for your products at a great economic advantage. How? Thanks to Print-shake, an innovative order aggregation system that allows you to save on the cost of printing and to share in the discount with other users. It is the community that makes the difference: the more people joining an order, the greater your savings will be. Not only that, with Labelado you can also save through social media - sharing your orders allows you to collect Fidelity Coins and earn additional discounts. Saving is easy with Labelado. Let us explain how!

Why Print-Shake?

Print-shake is what sets us apart from other online printers. We believe in people and in the value of sharing, hence our system is based on these very concepts. Take advantage of the strength of the online community and save together.

What can you buy through Labelado?

  • High-quality sticker labels help your product stand out on the shelf. Choose between labels printed with your own graphic designs or the most refined adhesives, printed and embellished using the finishing options we offer, some of which are truly fancy to make your product irresistible.
  • Our pre-print service is the same as that of a regular printer. And it’s free!
  • The packaging and professional handling of the reels is done strictly by hand. We are always careful to ensure your satisfaction!

Buy on Labelado... obtain valuable advantages!

  • With Labelado, you can avail of reliable print shop services directly online.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of Print-shake whilst also saving on small print-runs. The more people who join the order, the greater your discount will be!
  • The countless combinations of materials and processes will ensure a unique level of customisation.
  • Take advantage of our guide on materials to make the selection that best suits you. For each type of material, we only recommend processes that guarantee an optimal result.
  • Save money on the cost of the processing techniques, which are free of charge!
  • Receive a preview of the estimates that suit you via our user-friendly gallery. Filter the quotes based on your needs and see the savings immediately!
  • We take care of every detail of your product. If something is not right, we re-print before sending.
  • Our sticker labels are printed in Hexachrome, thus guaranteeing the reproducibility of Pantone colours.