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Your artisan jam or chutney need a vessel worthy of the special taste. Combine a small jar with a label that reflects the flavour and craftsmanship, which is exactly what you can achieve with Labelado. Render your jam unmistakable by packaging it in jars bearing a label that has great visual impact and is created using the best materials to withstand drips.


Jam labels: a touch of sweetness

Your jam is having a lot of success locally or online but do you want to improve the appearance of your packaging? The label plays a fundamental role in the sale process as it is the first element that catches the consumer's attention. Your jam labels must be worthy of the taste of your product and reflect the craftsmanship. Labelado will help you from the design phase to the production phase! Your jam labels will be successful!

Dimensions: Rectangle 50 x 90 mm (2" x 3.5")
Substrate: Water-resistant Matte Coated Paper
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish

Dimensions: Personalized 214 x 50 mm (8.4" x 2")
Substrate: Metallic Silver Paper
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish

Dimensions: Personalized 45 x 105 mm (1.8" x 4.1")
Substrate: Metallic Silver Paper
Finishings: Protective Matte Varnish

Why to choose Labelado for your jam label?

Labelado will help you to give your jam or chutney labels the right appeal thanks to the right substrate and the right finishing.Thanks to Labelado's high print quality, your graphics and your product will stand out from the competition, leaving the customer with only one choice: buying your jam! Choosing the right substrate, such as thermal paper, you will also be able to print by yourself the label by adding the missing data such as production batch, best before date and barcode. Remember to leave a small white space inside the graphics where you want this informations to be printed in. The most important thing is to tell us which printing method you will use to overprint your custom adhesive labels. In this way Labelado will be able to advise you on the right substrate and the right varnish suitable for your needs. Do you need an jam label that show your product to the world? Choose a transparent polypropylene which will also guarantee to your label long resistance to any drip. On the other hand, if you want to promote an organic product, natural paper will surely be the right choice for you. Do not forget the lid seals for security purposes. This label must absolutely be on paper so that it can break when the jar will be opened. Labelado is here to advise you from the design to the production phase, always guaranteeing the highest quality labels for your jam.

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"I had a great time ordering my labels on Labelado, very easy to complete the order and then send the graphic files. You can also have a Labelado box sent to your home in order to check the materials they use! Congratulations!"


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And also the staff members are extremely kind and professional!"



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Do you want to be sure about how your jam label will look like when it will be produced? Would you like to test your jam label and see how your graphic will look on the material you choose before placing the order? No problem! Thanks to a printing proof you can see your jam label. Just download the template, fill the empty space with your graphic (you can even test 3 or more variants of the same jam label in a single printing test. Can you imagine?) and tell us which substrate you choose for the printing test. Register on our website and send us your file to our email labelado@labelado.com. You can comfortably pay with Paypal or with your credit card and your printing proof will be shipped in about 3 working days.

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