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Product labels to suit every need. Labelado helps you find and package your product by applying the extensive know-how and best practices resulting from our many years of experience.

Wine labels

Something as revered as wine needs a label that exalts the value of the bottle's contents. With Labelado, you can create your own product label, enriched with your designs that convey the uniqueness of your product to the world, be it to impress your friends or to sell your product. For an effective wine label, you choose the processing in line with its quality and paper that ensures resistance to cold temperatures and to humidity.

Product labels for wine bottles

Recommendations from Labelado

For red wines:

  • Use natural paper to enhance the quality of a fine wine.
  • Choose hot foil with warm tones (ducal gold or copper) in order to obtain metallic and brilliant effects.
  • Opt for a high-build glossy varnish to give prominence to the name of the company or the wine.
  • Combine natural pure cotton paper with embossed details for dry, full-bodied, elegant or biological wines.

For white, rosé and sparkling wines:

  • Select special paper that is water-resistant and pearlised, with embossing to add a touch of sparkle to the label of your rosé wine.
  • Use sturdy natural papers for labels that are resistant to the cold and damp, which pass the ice bucket test and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your bottle.
  • Go for silver hot foil in glossy or matte.
  • Choose high-build gloss varnish.

Beer labels

Producing craft beer requires commitment and dedication but don't let all your hard work go to waste by not paying attention to how your brew is packaged. Ensure your beer stands out from the competition, giving it an extra boost. With Labelado, you can create your own labels that are eye-catching and original for craft beers sure to be the protagonist both at a dinner with friends and at the point of sale.

Product labels for beer bottles

Recommendations from Labelado

  • Create a wonderful contrasting effect with water-resistant metallic paper in silver tones. To do so, set the opaque white of the metallic parts to 0% and the non-metallic elements to 100%. Alternatively, play with the percentages of opaque white to give the label varying degrees of opacity.
  • Use protective opaque spot varnish to create a texture similar to a metal plate and to achieve greater aesthetic impact.
  • Choose glossy spot varnish or high-build gloss varnish to highlight specific features of the label.
  • Achieve a “no-label” look using transparent polypropylene. For this type of label, opt for opaque white for enhanced readability.

Spirit labels

A liqueur is the perfect conclusion to a dinner or an impressive gift for friends and relatives. If first impressions count, then even that of your distillate should leave its mark. Hence, it is worth perfecting your personalised adhesive label. A good liquor label requires materials that guarantee protection and resistance to the cold and wet. Remember: a good spirit must be able to be aged and be chilled before being savoured - without the risk of the label being ruined.

Product labels for spirits

Recommendations from Labelado

For aged distillates:

  • Select natural water-resistant paper to convey the preciousness of the product.
  • Use hot foil in warm tones (ducal gold or copper) to obtain metallic and shimmering effects.
  • Opt for high-build gloss varnish to enhance the name of your liquor.

For young spirits or bitters:

  • Go for coated water-resistant paper for excellent resistance to the cold and wet.
  • Give your label enhanced protection with matte lamination.
  • The contrast between the gloss texture and matte finish is very refined and can be obtained through glossy spot varnish or high-build gloss varnish.

Jar labels

Grandma’s delicious home-made jam or an artisan honey need a vessel worthy of the special contents. Combine a small jar with a label that reflects the flavour and craftsmanship, which is exactly what you can achieve with Labelado. Render your product unmistakable by packaging it in jars bearing a label that has great visual impact and is created using the best materials to withstand drips and that can be washed.

Product labels for jar

Recommendations from Labelado

  • Choose gloss to exalt the colours.
  • Go for matte or glossy lamination to protect the label from drips and to ensure it can be washed.
  • Apply hot foil for great impact and to add a touch of sparkle to the label.
  • Bio-based products must convey authenticity so natural paper would be best.
  • Don't forget the seals - you can also order these through Labelado.

Oil labels

Complete your olive oil production with the creation of an original label with your company name, logo and website within a design that reflects the top quality of your oil. Bet it for passion or profession, your product deserves packaging worthy of respect, starting from the label. Pay attention to the choice of paper and remember that a good oil label must be oil- and fat-resistant.

Product labels for oil

Recommendations from Labelado

  • For refined oils, choose natural oil-proof paper that it is resistant to oils and vegetable fats.
  • For a great visual impact, combine gloss gold foil lamination with an intense olive green.
  • Choose opaque protective coating to ensure your label is even more durable.
  • For oils intended for mass distribution, oil-proof paper is ideal.

Cosmetic labels

The choice of materials for a label is important and is even more so for cosmetics. A good cosmetics label should combine aesthetics and functionality, be resistant to water, oil and all other ingredients contained within, in addition to maintaining adhesiveness and readability. This is no easy task but it can be achieved with Labelado, thanks to the range of papers and processing methods. With Labelado, creating a dream look to suit your clients and your labels is a piece of cake.

Product labels for cosmetics

Recommendations from Labelado

  • Use soft-touch lamination so that your beauty products feel smooth. The “no-label” look has a great communicative impact for cosmetics.

  • Achieve this with transparent polypropylene but remember, this goes best with opaque white for optimum readability.

  • Choose film for excellent cosmetic labels. Pair your adhesives with containers in compatible and recyclable plastic materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Create beautiful products whilst protecting the environment